To ensure that all players have a safe and fun experience during this event, certain rules must be followed. Please follow the rules listed below. If you have any questions, please contact the staff in Discord or email us at

  • Players MUST NOT attempt to hack or manipulate off-limits devices and resources. The following are considered off-limits and may not be attacked or exploited:
    • The scoring server (
    • Other players
  • Players MUST NOT:
    • manipulate or modify flags.
    • perform any denial of service (DoS) on any portion of the environment.
    • attack other players.
    • compete on more than one team.
    • share flags with another team.
    • share an account with another player.
  • Players MUST be respectful, courteous, professional, and display proper sportsmanship.

An attack is considered any activity which renders resources unavailable or disrupts other players' ability to advance in the competition.

These rules exist to ensure a fair and enjoyable competition for all of our players. Players will receive a warning on their first infraction. Recurring infractions will result in the team's disqualification. Mods can ban players from Discord at their discretion. If you have questions or concerns, you can contact us at

Awards Eligibility

If you are a US-based team competing for one of the cash prizes, you MUST indicate your country as US on your profile. If you do not identify as a US-based team on your profile, we WILL NOT be able to guarantee that you'll be awarded a cash prize for 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place.